Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Samples of Sporting Portrait Past works...

These are works from my past...

The first an oil, and a commission from the State Department
of Natural Resources, which I did for their annual state
warden's convention last year.

The piece is 30"x 40" on gallery wrapped canvas- A warden
glassing possible violation from an area blind of duck hunters!

The rest that follow are acrylics as the medium, and
what I'll say about these is they represent the atmosphere
of detail the wildlife art genre demanded in their day.
Averaging from 75 to 200 hours on a portrait using acrylics
and this style makes it today very difficult for anyone to
afford having a painting done.

Since I have been painting the past 14 years with my
portable oil easel outdoors on location, learning to paint
fast and painterly to capture the subject within a small
window of opportunity before the light would change, I
have learned to make much out of color and values, and the
brushstroke to suggest. In short...I am having a lot of
fun reviving this genre form for myself, using oils...and
believe I can offer a product that falls within the scope
of being more affordable. see in these acrylics
a chapter of my past...a skill I have not lost, but not
inclined to continue with. I am enjoying the growth I've
had as a painter...and instead of just copying photo
references people give me, making artistic decisions that
will produce good paintings. That is because of my time
spent painting outdoors these past many years, and I now
understand what the camera does not capture as does the
eye. I hope you'll be able to pick up on my more recent
work what I'm talking about...however, enjoy these!

24"x 36" Mike's Pike!

This one actually done for a print series called,
"Ain't Seen A Thing All Day!" (prints still available)

This one called, "Bobber Stare Down!"

36"x 24"

24"x 18" Dick's Buck

24"x 36" Dave's Buck

Duane's Canadian Walleye-

Partner's Luck..

Catch 'N Release Moment-

A Father's Tribute and Memory-

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