Saturday, January 10, 2009

12"x 9" oil alla prima Self-Portrait Study

Did a quick three hour study last night from a
photo of myself, one my wife took when I came
home from a successful bowhunt two years ago.

Working to better understand some of John Singer
Sargent's alla prima paint methods. More of that
is explained and demonstrated in my Painting From
Life blog...

12"x 9" oil...

My wife took the reference photo for this one after
I came home from a successful night of bowhunting,
but she enjoyed the simple portrait study because it
will remind her of my personality coming home many
a night from fishing, (last night ice fishing), or
hunting...or even painting landscapes outdoors. So,
this one is for her.

There is the purpose and service a portrait provides,
as a lasting memory not only for the successful
sportsman or woman, but the family members there-
after in years to come.